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Ecocriticism in Theatre Studies

Bibliography (1991-2014)

Note: by no means comprehensive; full citation info not included.

The many articles and authors whose work is part of an anthology or special journal issue on ecological theatre are not included in the list of articles. See the table of contents of those volumes and journals for additional and important sources.


Monographs and collaborative editions:

Bottoms, Stephen. Small Acts of Repair: Performance, Ecology and Goat Island.  2007.

Boehrer, Bruce Thomas. Environmental degradation in Jacobean drama. 2013.

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Edited Volumes on ecocritical approaches to theatre and performance

Arons, Wendy, and Theresa J. May, eds. Readings in Performance & Ecology. Palgrave, 2012.

Besel, Richard D. and Jnan A. Blau, eds.  Performance on Behalf of the Environment. Lexington Books, 2014.

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Szerszynski, Bronislaw, Wallace Heim and Claire Waterton, eds. Nature Performed: Environment, Culture and Performance. Blackwell, 2004.


FULL Journal issues dedicated to ecocriticism in theatre/performance studies:

Note: the articles in these journals are not part of stand-alone article list below.

Canadian Theatre Review 144 (Fall 2010 special issue “Theatre in an Age of Eco Crisis”). Guest editors Nelson Grey and Shelia Rabillard

Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism (supplemental section).  Spring 2006. John Gronbeck Tedesco, ed.

Performance Research: A Journal of Performing Arts. “On Ecology”, 2012.

Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance (RiDE), Vol. 17: 2, 2012 (on Environmentalism). Guest editors Sally Mackey and Dee Heddon.

TDR Spring 2007 (special issue on animals in/and performance). Guest editor Una Chaudhuri.

Theater 25:1 (Summer 1994). Erika Monk, ed. Guest editor Una Chaudhuri.

Theatre Topics. Fall 2007 (special issue on ecotheatre). Johanthan Chambers, ed. Guest editor Wendy Arons.


Stand Alone Articles & Chapters:

Arons, Wendy.  ”Beyond the Nature/Culture Divide”  Theatre Historiography:  Critical Interventions. Henry Bial and Scott Magelssen, eds.  U of Michigan P (2010): 148-161.

Arons, Wendy. “Queer Ecology/Contemporary Plays” Theatre Journal December 2012.

Arons, Wendy and Theresa J. May. “Ecodramaturgy in/of Contemporary Women Playwritghts” Women Playwrights: into the Twenty-first Century. Palgrave. (2014): 181-198.

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Chaudhuri, Una. “Animal Geographies: Zooësis and the Space of Modern Drama” Modern Drama XLVI:4 (Winter 2003): 646-662.

Chaudhuri, Una.  “AWK!” Extremity, Animality and the Aesthetic of Awkwardness” The Undiscovered Country: The Later Plays of Tennessee Williams, ed. Philip Kolin, (New York: Peter Lang, 2002): 54-67.

Chaudhuri, Una.  “Sniff Art.” Review of “On the Scent” TDR, Summer 2004

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O'Brien, Karen. “A Symbiotic Relationship: The Works of Martin McDonagh and Ecocriticism,” In Patrick Lonergan, The Theatre and Films

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Parameswaran, Ameet. “Zooësis and ‘Becoming with’ in India: The ‘Figure’ of Elephant in Sahyande Makan: The Elephant Project” Theatre Research International 39:1, 2014: 5-19.

Ryan, Courtney. “Playing with Plants” Theatre Journal 65: 3 (October 2013): 335-353.

Sarco-Thomas, M.  ‘‘Improvising in Ruyang: Community Art as Ecological Practice’, Journal of Arts and Communities, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2009: 45–68

Standing, Sarah.  “From the Redwood Forest.” American Theater, February 2005.

Sweeting, Adam and Thomas C. Crochunis. “Performing the Wild: Rethinking Wilderness and Theater Spaces.” Beyond Nature Writing: Expanding the Boundaries of Ecocriticism. Ed. Karla Armbruster and Kathleen R. Wallace. 325-340.


Blogs and Websites, etc.

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Slagle, Dillon. "The Aesthetic Evolution of Eco Theater,” HowlRound Blog: >

Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts:

Earth Matters on Stage Ecodrama Festival:

Green Theatre Choices Toolkit: Mo’ello Theatre, San Diego, CA. 2009.

The Ashden Directory: &

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Facebook pages:

Artists and Climate Change (managed by Chantal  Bilodeau)

Theatre Makers Against Climate Change (managed by Alison Carey)

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