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The proposal window for 2018 has closed.

Ecology is at the heart of burgeoning creativity and interdisciplinary scholarship across the arts and humanities. This symposium, together with the concurrent EMOS Playwrights’ Festival, invites artists, scientists, scholars, and activists to share their work, ideas, and passions with one another and with the larger community who attend the symposium. We are especially interested in exploring the ways that the arts can work to solve problems and offer creative solutions to ecological issues.


We welcome creative and innovative proposals for any of the following:

  • conference papers

  • workshops

  • round-table discussions

  • panels

  • working sessions

  • installations

  • participatory community gatherings

  • other


The goal of any session is to explore, examine, challenge, articulate, or nourish the possibilities of performative responses to the environmental crisis in particular, and our ecological relationships in general. We especially encourage proposals that go beyond a recitation of ideas or positions, and instead bring presenters and participants together as they engage the driving question of how theatre and the arts has or might function as part of our reciprocal relationship with ecological communities.


NOTE: We may also have a limited number of performance slots, so if you are interested, please contact us. We cannot provide remuneration or travel, and performers would have to register to attend the conference.


Possible topics include:

  • problem-solving and/or creative solutions to ecological issues

  • arctic representations

  • climate change

  • land and body in performance

  • representations of bioregionalism

  • eco-literacy

  • representation of environmental justice

  • green theatre production practices

  • old cultural narratives/new stories

  • indigenous performance

  • community-based performance/ecological communities

  • sensing place/staging place

  • the ecologies of theatrical form and/or space

  • animal representation

  • application of ecocriticism to plays, performance and culture

Once accepted, all participants will need to register for the conference and secure their own travel and accommodations. Acceptances will be confirmed and conference registration and hotel information will be available by January 2018.


Questions? Contact:

Dr. Brian Cook

Chair, EMOS 2018

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