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EMOS Ecodrama Playwrights Festival 

Currently seeking hosts for the next EMOS New Play Festival and Symposium. Click here for more information.


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New book released by EMOS founder 

A new book, Earth Matters on Stage by EMOS co-founder Dr. Theresa J. May, maps how theater in the US has reflected and responded to the nation’s environmental history during the 20th century. Beginning with plays & performances that forwarded the ecological violence of settler colonialism, through the important role of grassroots theater and the arts during the civil rights movements, to the present era of climate justice, May argues that theater is a crucial tool of democracy, a place to embody the stories of relation that carry us toward a just, compassionate, and sustainable society.  Or, as dramatist Monique Mojica writes, a place to “spin possible worlds into being.” 

Upcoming Symposia

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